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Teams of 4-5 will provide a Christmas meal, tree, and gifts for a refugee family's first Christmas in America. We will meet at Trotter Activity Center Gym in San Marco at 3:30 to pray then split up and deliver Christmas to selected apartment complexes. Teams will reconvene at 6:30 to share stories. This event requires sign up on our website which begins November 5th and ends at noon on November twenty-first. We will assign the refugee family the first week of December and communicate specific needs through email.


If you would like to lead a team or be a part of a team and help bring joy to these families please fill out the information below: 

**If you have a preference for the language spoken by the family you will visit, please indicate below**

(Languages are French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, and Arabic)


If you will be leading a group please read and download the following document for all the details












(You will be contacted the first week of December by Kim's Open Door and by your team leader with your family assignment.)


Thank you for signing up! You will be emailed the first week of December with more details on your team and on the family you will be visiting!

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