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We inspire,empower and mobilize those we feel have the potential to reach 1000's of at risk kids.

Kim Bogart

Founder & Director

Kim's energy is contagious. She received her degree in education at the University of Oklahoma. She has created a program for kids at risk that received grant status and built a thriving children’s department in her local church. Kim trains and mobilizes literally thousands of people on behalf of vulnerable children every year both here and abroad.
She works and trains in cooperation with a plethora of organizations which include Kidz at Heart International , World Relief , Jacksonville Children's Commission , Billy Graham Evangelical Association and Group Publishing. 
She founded Kim’s Open Door in 2013 and is committed to inspire,empower and mobilize quality community champions 
who serve kids at risk in all kinds of wonderful ways.


Meet The Team

Kim's Open Door is a multi-generational, multi-cultural and multi-talanted team that is crazy about kids. We are trained and screened through Jacksonville Children's Commission. 

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