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About Us


Founder & Director

Kim Bogart founded Kim’s Open Door in 2013 and has been inspiring, empowering, and mobilizing quality volunteers and staff who have served kids at risk in all kinds of wonderful ways over the last 30 years.


Her energy is contagious. She received her degree in education at the University of Oklahoma. She has created programs for kids at risk that have received grant status.  Kim has devoted her life to serving the next generation. She has trained and mobilized thousands of people on behalf of vulnerable children, both in the States and abroad.


Kim’s Open Door is located in Jacksonville, FL in the area code 32207 and serves refugees, immigrants and other vulnerable populations.



Kim's Open Door is a multi-generational, multi-cultural, and multi-talented team that is crazy about kids. Visit our Get Involved page for more information on how you can volunteer with us to impact our community!

"We inspire, empower, and mobilize those we feel have the potential to reach thousands of at-risk kids."

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In 2014, there were THIRTY-ONE shootings in THIRTY days in my city, all gang related, and eleven-year-old kids were involved. These headlines inspired me to resign from a job I loved for fifteen years to become a full time missionary to the United States.


Our headquarters is located in the heart of our city where there are 8,900 students who speak English as a second language. This has now become our focus.


What I feel God has asked me to do cannot be done alone.

Kim Bogart, Kim's Open Door

  • 100 MILLION people have been forcibly displaced due to conflict, persecution or natural disasters
  • 26.3 MILLION refugees globally.
  • 50,000+ people have died while migrating between countries since 2014.
  • Only 17% of refugees are hosted by high-income countries.
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