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Responding in Times of Crisis

Kim's Open Door is uniquely positioned for such a time as this. Your donation will help us hire staff who provide food and educational services to underserved families, many who speak English as their second language.
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Every purchase comes with a story of someone touched by our efforts

This 2020-2021 school year we are partnering with Step Up for Students to offer a literacy program for ELL students in our community that will help build strong reading skills including reading comprehension, decoding, vocabulary development and English usage.


International Academy


This summer opened our eyes to the increased needs of the students we serve have. Most of them are missing fundamental skills needed to succeed. Many are being bullied on a daily basis & suffer from low self-confidence. It's time we extend our summer efforts to a consistent, year-round program. Our International Academy will implement programs highly recommended by the University of Florida that teach the fundamental skills the students are missing. 


You can help us with this by:

- Becoming an Anchor Partner helps with fixed expenses for $5,000

- Support a student for the entire year with education, nutrition, the arts, & social development for $3000. 

- Become a monthly partner for $200 or less.


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